Kerryn Roberts

Kerryn is one of the founding owners of Allure Professional Hair and Makeup. She has extensive experience and knowledge in makeup and hair and has worked with some of the best in the business. One of the highlights of her career was being part of the team that won the Academy Award for Best Makeup for the films Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship in 2001 and The Lord of the Rings - Return of the King in 2003. Some of the major films Kerryn has worked on include the Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions starring Keanu Reeves, Lawence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss, The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise and the latest Narnia film still in production. She has worked on many other feature films and telemovies and television series.
Other areas of her expertise include editorial and studio shoots and has done world class photo shoots with Vanity Fair, New Line Cinema in the USA, and many local and interstate magazines in Australia. Kerryn started her makeup career at Revamp Glamour Studio and became the head of makeup and hair in just a few short months. She then went on to build a very successful freelance career and moved into film and television. Fast forward a few years of lots of adventure and hard work in the makeup world and she eventually started Allure Professional Hair and Makeup. Allure started as a partnership and now has a staff of more than twenty.

Julie Mikeska

Julie has extensive experience in the makeup and hair industry. Her career spans some 18 years and includes many aspects of makeup and hair. Julie is a qualified instructor and assessor and has a certificate 4 in course writing and assessment. Her experience as a makeup and hair instructor includes 6 years at Star FX Professional Makeup Centre on the Gold Coast and also at New Image Photographics in Brisbane. During this time she has taught many makeup artists that have incredibly successful careers today as well as makeup teachers in the industry. Julie is very active in various makeup events in Australia including the Australian Body Art Carnival where she conducts workshops and is on the judging panel of some of the competitions held there. Julie is also heavily involved with Gold Coast Film Fantastic including being a member on the board, and has been involved with the festival since the beginning. Held every November, it's a film festival that has a very strong local content as well as showing many films from around the world.
Her passion for her craft has taken her overseas to attend many makeup and hair workshops and courses including airbrushing with world renowned make-up artist and creator of Reel Creation Fred Bleau, body painting, facial hair application, Wolfe Bros Face and Body art, Pivot Point hair styling and more.
Over the years Julie she has worked on many calendar and fashion shoots, music video clips, travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand for two years doing makeup and hair styling for glamour photography with New Image Photographics. She has been involved extensively with the wedding industry including 10 years with two Japanese Wedding companies, JTB and Happiness Planner.

CREDIT LIST- Julie Mikeska


Head of Department:  The Workers – children’s show 2010

Key Make-up: Hit list TV  – music tv show 2010

Key Make-up: Benchwarmers Oz Made – music tv show 2010

Key Make-up: Life of Queensland – tv show with Trevor Hendy 2010

Key Make-up: Sanctum – tv commercials and photoshoots 2009

Key Make-up: Hit List TV  – music tv show 2009


Battledrums – make-up artist, short film 2004

Descendants of the First – Head of Department, Vampire film

Cyber Sin – key make-up, short film starring Jonh Jarratt and Coby Jarret 2009/2010

10 Things I Hate About Camping – Head of Department, short film including Zombies 2010


LMG Digital Media

Sea FM

Southern Cross Ten

JTB Wedding Angel – Japanese weddings

Watabe – Avica Wedding Resort

Dream Weddings Australia – Chinese weddings

Happiness Planner – Japanese weddings

Garden City – Brisbane


Movieworld group

Procon International

Qi Beauty

Wimmers Softdrinks

Warner Music

Universal Music

Paramount Pictures


Love Will Follow – GinGer

Get a Life – Ruby tigers

Miracle – Tarcha Waddington


Gold Coast Weddings

Discerning Bride

Oz Emag

New Idea

Your Local Wedding Guide

Gold Coast Bulletin

Courier Mail

Entertainment Magazine

Style Magazine


Suicide Butterflies

Body Painting – art expo

Australian Body Art Carnival – sponsors


Vanessa Amarosi

Switchfoot – USA

Amy Merridth

Biffy Clyro – Scotland

Boys Like Girls – USA

Brian McFadden – Ireland

Brooke Fraser

Casey Barnes

Casey Donnavan

Cassette Kids

Cody Simpson

Damien Leif

Dead Letter Circus

Enter Sharkari = England


Gin Wigmore

Guy Sabastian

Hayley Warner

Hot Chelle Rae = Nashville

Hungry Kids from Hungary

Jes Brieden – Los Angeles

Kids of 88 – New Zealand

Mark Sholtez

Midnight Darkness

Nickleback – Canada

Operator Please




Renee Cassar

Shine down – USA

Stan Walker

Sunshine kids

Take Back Sunday – USA

The McClymonts

The Verses

Thirsty Merc


Nik Gionoppolas

Caitlin Stasey

John Jarratt

Coby Jarret

CREDIT LIST- Kerryn Roberts


Terra Nova (US TV Pilot) - (HOD) Sharon Robbins

2010 Additional Make-up/Hair - Sisters of War

(HOD) Sharon Robbins

2009/10 Additional Makeup/Hair - Sanctum (Feature Film)

(HOD) Vivienne (Bliss) McGillicuddy

2009 Make-up/Hair - Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia)

(HOD) Rick Findlater (Feature Film)

2007 Additional Makeup/Hair - Unfinished Sky (Feature Film)(HOD) Bliss McGillicuddy

2007 Additional Hair and Makeup - The Ruins (Feature Film)

(HOD) Shane Thomas

2006 Additional Makeup/Hair - Kokoda (Feature Film)

(HOD) Bliss McGillicuddy

2003 Make-up/Hair/Prosthetics - Lord of the Rings Pickups (New Zealand)

2003 Make-up Artist - The Last Samurai (US Feature)

2003 Make-up Artist & Wig Tech - New Line Cinema

Photo Shoot in L.A. (U.S.A.)

2003 - Make-up Artist Redhead (The Story of Lucille Ball)

(New Zealand)

2001 Make-up/Hair - Press Junket (New Zealand)

         Cast of Lord of the Rings

2001 Make-up & Hair - Premier of Lord of the Rings - Cast

(New Zealand)

2001 - 2002 Key Make-up Artist 2nd Unit

       The Matrix Reloaded &

       The Matrix Revolutions

2001 - 2001 Make-up/Hair (additional)

High Eight (Disney TV- Melb)

HSV 7 Melbourne (Blue Heelers)

2001 Make-up/Hair/Prosthetics - Lord of the Rings

         (Pick-ups) (New Zealand)

2001 Make-up/Hair (Additional) - Beastmaster (TV )

    High Eight (TV - Melb)

                                     Blue Heelers HSV 7 (Melb)

2001 Make-up/Hair/Prosthetics - Lord of the Rings

   (Pick-ups) (New Zealand)

2001 Make-up/Hair - HSV 7 (Melbourne)

         High Eight (TV  Melb)

2001 Key Make-up/Hair - Chasing Rabbits (Short Film)

2001 Special FX Make-up - Just Jeans Commercials - Melb

Make-up/Hair Starshots Photographic Studio (Melbourne Vic)

1999 - 2000 Lord of The Rings Trilogy (L.O.T.R.)

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King New Line Cinema USA

2000 Make-up Artist/Wig Tech to actors Elijah Wood

                                                                    andMiranda Otto

2000 Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

1999 Make-up/Hair Additional - Monster - Telemovie Village    

         Roadshow (HOD: Lynne O'Brien)

1999 Make-up/Hair - Flipper 4 - U.S. Television Series Village Roadshow (HOD: Karla Goldsmith)

Prior to Jan 1999

Make/Hair Additional - The Lost World - US Village

Roadshow TV Series (HOD Sharon Robbins)

Jekyll & Hyde - US Telemovie Village Roadshow

            (HOD Sharon Robbins)

Head Make-up & Hair Artist  Revamp Photographic Studio

- Gold Coast

Make-up and Hair Various TV Commercials

X Factor - Gold Coast

Work Experience and Additional

The Lost World - TV Pilot

Warner Brothers Movieworld

Gold Coast Wedding Magazine - Various Photo Shoots

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